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Tutorial 2 (Page 4): Basic Grunge-type Signature continued...

Step 7

Create a new colour adjustment layer. This is also according to preference, I like them with heavy shadow and quite dark. (Note details on how to do it below.)

How to make a Colour Adjustment layer (Natalie's interlude again)

lol, please excuse confusion between American English and English spelling ie differences between the way things are spelt in Photoshop menus and my conscience ;).

  • Make sure that the top layer in the stack is highlighted in the layers palette.
  • Go up to the top menu and select layer> New Adustment Layer> Color Balance
  • Select OK on the 'New Layer' pop up window.
  • A new 'Color Balance' layer appears in the layers palette and a 'Color balance' window will appear.
  • Play with the colour sliders, you will note that by sliding them towards the opposing colours, the colour of your image will change.
  • Do this until you have a colour that you are happy with and click OK.
  • You can always get back into the 'Color Balance' window again to change your colours at anytime by double-clicking on the 'Color Balance' adjustment layer in the layers palette.
  • If you like, you can add more color adjustment layers to make different colour variances with different layer modes...
  • If you are clued up on them, add a layer mask to the coloured layers as well and gently paint out areas of colour so that you can get more than one colour into your background ;)

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