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Tutorial 2 (Page 3): Basic Grunge-type Signature continued...

Step 4

Create a new layer (click on the page icon on the bottom of the layers palette). Grab a grunge brush and start filling in the layer (Important: don’t drag the brush, just click once to add texture). Do not over fill the layer so that it is totally black. 2-3 clicks should do it.

Step 5

Keep repeating the previous step, making sure to pick a nice spot for your brushing. You can alternate brushing in black and white with different brushes (click on the black or white colour boxes in the tool palette, to make the colour that you want active). I usually create about 5 layers in this way, sometimes up to 15 layers.

Step 6

This step is the hardest to explain as this is usually up to personal taste. Blending mode.

In the layers palette you have blending mode options. The best effects are usually attained by using either 'soft light' or 'overlay', but here you can experiment. Try different effects on each of your layers to see which brings out the layers the best.

Note: Please view the layers and layer modes tutorial for more details
on layer modes if you are not familiar with them.

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