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Tutorial 3 (Page 1): Simple Selection Techniques

For this tutorial I am going to be showing basic methods of selecting images. I am not going to go into too much detail because the method used, really depends on the complexity of the image that you are working with. Here is a link to the image that I have created for the purposes of this tutorial (a not very good image of Daisy from our Disneyland holiday, but it serves a purpose).

Simple Selections

Feel free to download it and follow along. The image is 200dpi (dots per inch) which is a comfortable resolution to work with. Too low a resolution for an image makes selections difficult and untidy. Quality is the key for perfect selections no matter which method you use.

Simple black and white selections

These are the easiest selections to make. If your image has distinctive solid colour variations in it, then it is a simple case of clicking on the magic wand tool and clicking on one of the colours to select it.

If you have more than two solid colours and you would like to select a greater area, you can add to the selection by holding down the 'shift' key whilst you click on additional colours, or you can subtract from the selection by holding down the 'alt' key on the keyboard whilst clicking.

If you select the most solid colour, but want to work on the background instead, invert the selection by going to select > inverse on the top menu bar. (Keyboard shortcuts can be picked up later). The selection area will switch itself to the remaining unselected areas on an image.

Once an image is selected it can worked on within the boundaries of the selection, it can be moved, transformed and even dragged from the original document window into a brand new one (you would have to change to the move tool though, which is the one above the magic wand tool shown in the above image). If you do drag the selection or copy and paste it into a new document, a new layer is automatically created with your selection on it.

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