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Tutorial 1 (Page 1): Playing with Layers and Layer Modes

Filter effects in Photoshop are something that anyone can play with, they are built into the programme and you can be as artistically challenged as you like. This tutorial that I have come up with, is the best way that I could think of to show the basics of working with layers and layer modes which is the foundation knowledge needed for most work that you will ever do in Photoshop.

Professional designers try to avoid filters as much as possible because they are too much of a cliché, especially if overused, but the effects created from using them are undeniably incredible. Playing with filters is not an exact science and the need to show techniques step-by-step is not necessary, because the fun is in the experimenting - believe me, none of us will come up with the same image at the end and that is due to the fact, that in addition to using the filters, we will be using layers modes to enhance the effects. I also wouldn't be surprised if you didn't complete the tutorial to the end, because when you have grasped the concept you'll want to go steaming off ahead on your own mission.

This is the picture that I have been playing around with, lets see how much damage we can do to my kittens. Feel free to use the same image as well if you like, just right click on the image on the link and save it to your computer.

Most importantly have fun!

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