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The tutorials here are created by Natalie unless otherwise stated, please feel free to contact me via the following contact form if you have something that you would like to add, or if you would like to use this content elsewhere. They are created from scratch (using images from my own digital camera rather than stock images) written in layman's terms and are based on the knowledge that I have accumulated using Photoshop for a number of years. I have attempted to use the simplest teaching techniques that I can come up with - especially since some of my friends are keen on learning. I do not believe in poaching tutorials from other sites as there are many out there. Please note that if you are not using Photoshop CS your screen is likely to look a bit different to my screen shots. The philosophy and the technique is still the same.

I do not profess to be an expert and I believe that there is so much to learn and many methods to accomplish the same things in Photoshop. There isn't a right way or wrong way to do things, it is an amazing diverse programme. Everything that I do is a learning curve and experimental and I welcome the contributions of anyone else willing to share their personal knowledge with the designernetwork members as well. I would love to learn anything that anyone has to share - there is every likelihood that I wouldn't know how to do it myself.

Thank you.

Basic Grunge-type Signature
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Simple Selection Techniques
Complex Selections using Paths
Animation Basics
Using Photoshop and Imageready